Our approach

Exploratory interview
Your problems, wishes and expectations and our capabilities will be analized in a first interview without any obligation. When we come to a well-defined assignment, we can determine right than whether we have the expertise to fulfill it according to high-standard.

When the assignment is less specific we might take some extra time to orientate ourselves and investigate if we can fulfill the assignment as high-standard as expected. If we do so this will come free of charge.

Description of assignment
The assignment description will clearly state matters to be examined, a detailed action plan, your wishes and needs and the expected achievement.

Of course a clear timetable for the assignment is presented in our action plan.

During the assignment you will be provided with feed back about the status of the action plan on a frequent base.
Necessary changes in the implementation will be communicated immediately and clearly by us. Of course this applies the other way around when issues come up that can influence the effect of our tasks.

Since the mutual expected result is clearly described in the description of assignment, close monitoring on our tasks is possible.


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